Carmine Barone | Who we are
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Who we are

and what we believe in

Every single detail in Carmine Barone’s history and production proudly speaks of Italy. There is an inherent quality– of appearance, organoleptic properties and flavour – that you can only deem as “Italian”, and we’ve been pursuing it since our father Carmine founded our firm in 1980.

The strong and unmistakable aromas of our sun, our clean air and the mineral salts in our soil have always been the distinctive traits of our fennels, ever since we started growing them in the fertile fields of Calabria.

Fennels: for more than a decade we’ve been exclusively committed to these vegetables, which we soon started distributing all across the country.

At the end of the Nineties, with the increase of our consumers and the evolution and refinement of their taste, we have started diversifying our offering, by growing other vegetables and fruits, by expanding our cultivations to Puglia and Campania and by massively exporting our products to Europe (Austria, Germany, Hungary, Denmark).

The rest is history, as they say, with even more great results and new ventures, such as the 2016 launch of “,001”, a range of products with less than 0.001% fixed residue of agrochemicals, which is deemed as non measurable, therefore null.

Our fruits and vegetables are so successful because they are healthy and strictly monitored, and their top notch quality results from a challenge we dared ourselves to: not only to fulfill, but to exceed the dispositions and requirements set forth in national and European regulations.

We believe this is the only way you can achieve a true peerless quality. We’re happy we won our own challenge through our passion, our commitment and our recognized ability to treasure our Italian heritage, vision and work.